Step 1: Subsidence Risk Certificate

Quickly establish if you are located in an area where there is a risk of subsidence using our Subsidence Risk Rating - Postcode service or if you know you are in a high risk area then go to Step 2: Site Investigation Services

Subsidence Risk Certificate

This will provide you with the risk level (low, medium, high, very high) of your property at your detailed postcode level (eg PE15 9BZ). This is the first risk model built on actual subsidence incident information (please note excludes Scotland and Northern Ireland).

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Step 2: Site Investigation Services

If the site is either low or medium risk we suggest you keep an eye on your drainage and trees. If you have identified the risk as very high or high or that the soil includes clay then there is a range of services to help. Use the boxes below to identify which service you may need.

Result: Subsidence Risk High or Very High

  • Any subsidence related issues in Valuation Survey?
  • Signs of cracking or previous subsidence claim?
  • Numerous trees close to the house?
  • Drainage? Saltglazed pipework?

Subsidence Risk Survey

is a property assessment report that reviews the key triggers of subsidence and provides recommended actions and estimated costs.

The service includes:Read more.

  • Data collection and extensive video recording of the site, property, trees and vegetation
  • The information is collated and reviewed by an industry-leading drainage and ground investigation company
  • Tree and vegetation data is reviewed by a qualified Arboriculturist
  • Property data and outputs compiled by a qualified Building Surveyor
  • Site plan illustrating the footprint of the property, the location of vegetation and visible drainage features
  • An overall risk rating with recommended remedial actions and estimated costs

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Subsidence Risk Specific Defect Survey

This survey is required where the valuation report has identified cracking on the property, the property shows signs of historically suffering from foundation movement, or if the property has been previously repaired/ underpinned as a result of subsidence. Read more.

  • Undertaken by a Chartered Building Surveyor or Engineer.
  • Where there are signs of cracking, this survey is a letter report describing concerns raised, site observation as to cracking cause, conclusions and specific investigations required (soil samples, monitoring, etc.).
  • For previous subsidence this will check the Certificate of Structural Adequacy and the current state of the repairs.

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Subsidence Risk Arboriculturist Survey

Full site inspection of trees and shrubs against subsidence risk and with a full plan of works required and costs.

Subsidence Risk Drainage Survey.

This service reviews the drainage system on the property site and is particularly relevant where the property has glazed clayware drainage pipes.

The service includes: Read more.

  • Camera survey.
  • Reports on waste and storm pipes and the drainage layout.
  • Underground survey, including the identification of shared sewers, any drainage defects and the relative positions of drains. This is an expert drainage survey supported by a site-specific professional review.

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10p per minute for the call plus any standard network charges. Please seek bill payers’s permission before the call

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Step 3: Support Services

In addition we can provide a range of services specific to your situation – such as:

  • Assessment of legal constraints to tree work
  • Standard letters to Third Parties and Local Authorities
  • Party Wall issues

We’re here to help with all your subsidence issues

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