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Cracking from Space

Property Assure is pleased to announce their success in obtaining funding from the European Space Agency for their innovative Ground Instability Risk rofiling initiative (GIRP), to
enable accurate and predictive ground stability risk profiling to the insurance industry through the integration of property data sources and satellite information.

ETSOS adopt Subsidence Risk Assessment Services

ETSOS are delighted to announce the addition of Property Assure’s property specific subsidence risk assessment surveys to the ordering portal. The reports, in collaboration with Landmark, are designed to fully investigate the level of subsidence risk to the property, including detailed data on arboricultural and drainage subsidence risk and recommended remedial actions and estimated costs. More

Buying a Property with Previous Subsidence - Key Documents

The Valuation Survey includes questions pertaining to evidence of movement and subsidence. Where historic subsidence repairs have been identified the Conveyancer should obtain the supporting documentation to verify that any repairs have been undertaken accordance with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) subsidence classification and repair guidelines and or whether an insurance claim was made by the vendor. More

July Weather Trigger For Increased Subsidence

Whilst many throughout the country are enjoying the July heat wave, the sunshine does not only bring good news, warns Landmark Information Group. The risk of a full blown subsidence event has been upgraded to ‘moderate’ according to a new report from leading UK arboriculturist OCA UK Ltd*. More

Subsidence & Trees - Apr13 Update

In our fourth blog we continues our look at the effect of spring and the largest trigger of subsidence – trees and vegetation.

In our last blog we looked at how trees and vegetation influence subsidence.  As we rapidly approach the key growing period we will look at risk mitigation and the impact of legislation and ownership. more

Spring Is Coming - Feb13 Update

In our third blog we look at the effect of spring and the largest trigger of subsidence – trees and vegetation.

So spring is on its way (although it appears that winter is not going to go too easily) and nature starts to come alive after its winter sleep.  With the start of the tree growing season not too far away (generally recognised as the end of April) tree roots will then start to absorb water. Moisture uptake varies cross the various species but the high water demand trees such as Willows, Poplars and Oaks can remove in excess of 50,000 litres of water a year! more


Why Worry With All The Rain? - Jan13 Update

In our last blog we defined subsidence and looked at the extent of the issue in the UK (average number of properties affected by flood in the UK annually is the same for subsidence). 

So what will be the effect of all the rain we have seen – surely subsidence is caused by dry weather?!  Well, it is correct that the main cause is clay soil shrinkage from dry weather; however it is a little more complicated than that (as most things are). more

Subsidence What's The Problem? - Dec12 Blog

Why would I be talking about subsidence when all we are seeing on TV is rain and localised flooding?  Well they are very closely related and similar in terms of scale – the opposite sides of a coin.  The average number of properties affected by flood in a year is the same as the average number of properties affected by subsidence, and equally even in a year like 2007 with the flooding of York, Sheffield, Hull and Tewkesbury the number of properties affected were the same as the number of properties affected by subsidence in 2003 through dry weather. more

Today's Conveyancer 19th Nov 

Today's Conveyancer reports that subsidence is a growing risk which substantially affects a propery's value and saleabilty - click for more details http://www.todaysconveyancer.co.uk

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